Swiss ice mountain dessert

3 showstopping bakery/pastry ideas for Christmas 2018

Get inspiration for your Christmas 2018 range with our 3 trendy recipes: seasonal biscuit, donut, and dessert. Next December will be sweet!








Christmas 2017 is barely over but we are already preparing next Christmas. Based on the next Christmas trends identified by our trends agency Stylus, discover 3 dessert, biscuit and donut concepts that will delight consumers in December 2018.

1 - Fantasia biscuits

“Fantasia is a maximalist’s fairy tale, with a colorful and artistic mash-up of materials and influences. Sweet pastels and saturated mid-tones combine with gold accents and metallic sequins for an uplifting festive palette that is full of joy.” (Stylus, 2017)

Discover the Fantasia version of the traditional biscuit box. Small in size and with combinations of textures and flavors reminiscent of a box of chocolate pralines, the biscuit bonbon box will for sure be a hit with the whole family on the coffee table.

Fantasia biscuits

Traditional or exotic flavors?
Pink: Asian-spiced raspberry, rosewater, and cardamom cookies with: raspberry bakestable awesome filling, white chocolate, strawberry crispy bites, raspberry Crispy Whispers, red power flowers from natural origin, flower transfer sheets
Brown: with cocoa powder, orange zest, apricot awesome filling, Madagascar chocolate

2 - Archive donuts

“Archive celebrates the reinvention of historic aesthetics. New processes and modern materials update gilded ornamentation and opulent motifs in a color palette underpinned by dulled metallics, rich warm tones and natural neutrals.” (Stylus, 2017)

Indulge in those spiced toffee apple donuts, made truly festive with their Caramel Doré plaque and golden sprinkles. Experience the delicious contrast between the crispiness of the Crispearls and the gooeyness of the filling.

Archive donuts

Apple awesome filling, cinnamon spiced doughnut, Caramel blossoms, salted caramel crispy bites, bauble transfer, milk chocolate

3 - Frost dessert

“Inspired by glacial landscapes, iceand snow, ephemeral direction Frost is underpinned by cool hues and white light. Geometric shapes and a focus on illuminated installations bestow a technological edge.” (Stylus, 2017)

What best than a stunning dessert to spoil guests at the Christmas table? Inspired by the Swiss Alps, discover the mini Swiss mountain dessert, made with smooth Swiss chocolate. Minimalistic, but exquisite!

Swiss ice mountain frost dessert

White chocolate and hazelnut Swiss dessert. Swiss made white chocolate, metallic red power flowers,  Caramel doré CocoArt skis, hazelnut paste


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