Get inspired: Easter eggs taken to the next level in 2017

Barry Callebaut has been Easter egg hunting for you! Explore the beautiful chocolate creations found on shelves during the 2017 Easter season.







As usual, Easter is another opportunity to indulge your taste buds and treat yourself to some delicious chocolate. And these days it’s more and more about aesthetic pleasure. Barry Callebaut has been egg hunting all over Europe to bring you a summary of seasonal trends and a selection of inspiring concepts.

Stunning designs, finishes, colors

Easter has become like an art exhibition. Traditional chocolate eggs are often like little masterpieces through the use of premium finishings and gorgeous colors. Elegant marble effect, vivid colors, exquisite golden finish - either way, your eggs will be impossible to resist, and once on the festive table, almost too beautiful to eat.

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Experiment with shape

As the choice is becoming more and more diverse, new ways to stand out from the crowd are being explored. Next to eggs you can now find a whole family of lovely creatures such as bunnies, ducklings, cute chicks or even balloons.

The Easter Zoo. Cuties by Dalloyau (France), Marks&Spencer (UK) and Artisan du Chocolat (London)

Easter pralines

Next to the Easter egg craze, a nice box of chocolate pralines remains a great gift to consider. To make it more Easter related, think about fresh springy flavors and textures, or simply decorate your praline range with a relevant edible print.

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Pimp your pralines for Easter!

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