Easy personalization and seasonality with transfer sheets

Available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, transfer sheets bring a sweet product to the next level. Did you know that they are easy to implement and cost-effective?
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Nowadays, consumers are on the lookout for personalized products (see our previous article) or for a unique, eye-teasing, and sometimes seasonal, experience (see our article here).

Discover how transfer sheets can make your product stand out and how it can be applied on your production lines.

What’s a transfer all about?

It’s an edible design in 1 to 5 colors, printed on PE, PVC or baking paper, to be transferred onto your product, in most cases: chocolates. Specialized in food color and decorations, IBC by Barry Callebaut provides a broad range of transfer sheets to make your creations stand out, from artisan to industrial level. Using all types of colors, IBC nevertheless specializes in Cocoart, a unique e-number free coloring based on cocoa powder to achieve shades from beige and red to deep black.

How does it work?

Transfers work for all kind of sweet creations. In this case, the sheet is applied in an industrial setting on a chocolate-coated biscuit. The transfer is applied when the chocolate is still melted.

Transfer sheet applied on a biscuit, on an industrial line

As the chocolate cools, hardens and crystallizes, the design will transfer from the transfer sheet onto the chocolate.

Transfers also work perfectly in confectionery, with magnetic molds for example.

Transfer sheet applied on pralines, with magnetic molds.


The result?

Stylish, colorful and original chocolate creations, fabulous looking desserts and professional looking decorations for finishing cakes and pastry products.

Eye-teasing tablets made by Chef Luc Baudin, using transfer sheets.

These easy-to-use sheets come in different patterns and colors, collections and themes, such as Easter, Halloween, Spring, Christmas and Origins. But, we can also create your personal design, also 100% E-number free.

For more patterns, have a look at our Easter selection and the new IBC catalog - the Color Cuisine.


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