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EXCLUSIVE: trendy and creative ways to spark the Christmas magic in 2018

Happy New Year! The bells have just stopped jingling, and it’s already time to get ready for the new Christmas season. Discover how design, innovative disruptive formats and seasonal flavors can make a difference for your festive chocolate offer.








Find out what Christmas 2017 was all about in our seasonal review for Confectionery and get inspired for 2018 with the innovative concepts prepared by our creative chefs chocolatier Luc Baudin and Sarah Hartnett.

The festive outfit

Our design agency Stylus has identified 3 Christmas trends for 2018:

  • FANTASIA - “the maximalist’s fairy tale” with its uplifting festive palette of all shades of pink, blue and golden
  • ARCHIVE that “celebrates the reinvention of historic aesthetics” It truly is a luxurious treasure trove with its gilded ornamentation and metallic finishes.
  • FROST, “inspired by glacial landscapes, ice and snow’’, it stands out with cool hues, white light and geometric shapes”.

We eat with our eyes, so don’t underestimate the role of the visual impact! Learn more about creating shiny effects and Christmas designs here.

Rose Fantasia chocolate bars

Rose FANTASIA and luscious berriness

….with hints of rose and Indian spices for an oriental touch.

Discover the flamboyant festive tablets from Sarah: perfect for gifting!

Bronze ARCHIVE caramel chocolate bars

Bronze ARCHIVE and fifty shades of caramel

...truly decadent!

Nordic frost white chocolate bars

Nordic FROST: northern beauty of contrasts.

Get playful with gifting

If you want to magnify the effect of the delicious Christmas gifts, go beyond the classic box of pralines and explore the new fun formats: advent calendar 2.0 and the party Piñata.
With the advent calendars booming these days you can stand out with a disruptive offer - countdown chocolate bar. Decorate each piece with cute seasonal images and fill each bite with known or surprising, but invariably delicious cores.

Chocolate advent calendar

24 bites, a thousand sensations

For the exciting surprise effect, sought-after by the Millennial consumers, your go-to is a chocolate Piñata: beautifully decorated on the outside, it has more to reveal - delicious treats hidden inside.

Chocolate iglo pinata
Chocolate iglo pinata

Dare to smash it and indulge!

Flavor explosion

The good old limited editions are a time-proven way to attract your consumers, especially if you are on top of the recent flavor trends. Choices are many: cosy and warming caramel spiced with cinnamon (or not), funky and refreshing cocktail inspiration, fancy desserts, snowy coconut and mint, the sky is the limit. Throw in a lovely Christmas design, and your consumers’ hearts will melt even if it’s below zero outside...

Symphony of caramel chocolates with deer print
Rainbow truffels

Rainbow truffles: guess the flavor by the color!

Decorated with truffle powders


Looking for more inspiration to build your 2018 seasonal range?

This was just the tip of the iceberg. To dig deeper, get in touch with your account manager for a customised co-creation session, or read our inspirational articles here:

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