How BLUE can work for you?

BLUE is the favorite color of all people. It’s nature’s color for water and sky, but is rarely found in foods aside from blueberries and a few blue-purple potatoes.  Consequently, we don't have an automatic appetite response to BLUE.








BLUE dominating?

With BLUE set to dominate already the world of interiors (f.e. Denim Drift Blue), fashion (f.e. Airy Blue) and also hairdressers (f.e. Sea & Sky or Denim Blue) it now already has become an inspiring color.

And what about food?

BLUE in food fits the trend ‘Fresh & Cool’, reflecting products with refreshing flavors also with some cooling effect and could become the controversial future blue makeover for a wide range of industries.

Flavor houses and other manufacturers already offer different ‘Natural Blue’ flavors tones within their range to enter the food segment. So you better be prepared for the blue makeover.

Prepare for the BLUE makeover to tickle consumers’ senses

Blue Glitter Gastronomy in confectionery:

1) Lustrous blue, purple and silver crystals create a dense, jewel-like, shimmering surface on Compartés’ Kelly Wearstler Bijou Chocolate.  The static, liquefied, bubbled bar of chocolate was created in partnership with the American interior and lifestyle designer herself.

Kompartes Kelly Wearstler Bijou Chocolate Bar
Source: Shopify

2) Embracing cool tones, Japanese mail order company Felissomo’s Blue Chocolate of Happiness

Fellissimo’s ‘Blue Chocolate of happiness
Source: Stylus

3) Quernon d’Artoise Gelato incorporates Quernon d’Artoise Chocolates from Parisian boulangerie La Petite Marquise. Shards of this creamy blue chocolate, filled with caramelized nougat, are mixed into pastel blue ice cream creating a soft, restrained and elegant esthaetic.

La Petite Marquise’s ‘Quernon d’Artoise Blue Gelato’
Source: Rocket News24

Vibrant Ice Creams with Cool Shades

Jakarta-based street market Food Fingers serves a radizant cobalt-coloured kakigori (shaved iced dessert flavoured with syrup), which delivers a visual feast for the eyes. Layers in shades of blue are topped with sweet treats such as ice cream, popcorn and candyfloss for an oversized, artful impact.

Foo Fighter’s Blue Kakagori

Foo Fighter’s Blue Kakagori
Source: Stylus

Akanemaru's sweet bean dorayaki cake
Source: Stylus

Quaking aqua-colored Cakes

Meanwhile, in 2015, Osaka based confectioner Akanemaru created cyanhued sweet bean dorayaki cakes to celebrate its 75th anniversary, which also proved a popular limited edition treat of an aqua-colored sweet bean dorayaki cake, with a flavor as unique as their vibrant hue.