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‘Organic’: from hype to a new lifestyle

Increased understanding of what organic means and increased availability of organic products, along with younger consumers desires for healthy food options, have changed the face of organic shoppers. Today there no longer is a typical organic consumer. And how will this evolve tomorrow?






Organic is here to stay!

The choices in organic chocolate increased greatly over just the past five years, as both chocolatiers and chocolate manufacturers continue to grow their range of organic chocolate products. Organic cocoa production accounts for only 0.6% of the world’s total cocoa production, and this implies that today organic chocolate accounts for a very small share of the global chocolate market. The Global Organic Chocolate Market 2017-2021 forecasts to grow 2,38% during the period 2017-2021.

"33% of consumers say organics are very important and the same percentage is also very willing to pay a premium for these products”

Nielsen - Global Health & Wellness Report 2015

‘Organic’ drives clean label & health cues

‘Organic’ is top scoring (68%) in consumers’ perception of “clean label”. Other associations include “products found in the fresh food section” (61%) and “those made with familiar sounding ingredients” (58%) or “with ingredients coming from plants or animals” (51%).

The perception that organic products are “healthier” is the biggest motivation consumers have for purchasing ‘organic’ products. Concerns about the effects of pesticides, hormones, GMO’s and antibiotics, along with the desire to avoid highly processed food and artificial ingredients are top reasons to buy organic.

“Products made with fresh, natural and/or organic ingredients carry similar weight with consumers (57%)”

Nielsen - Global Sustainability Report 2015

Also consumers have an increased interest in ‘organic’ when it comes to products that are consumed by children. Yet while organic claims are common on baby food, they are less used on food and drinks aimed at kids.

There’s an untapped opportunity in organic kids’ food.

“51% of parents say they are interested in healthier versions of their children's favorite treats.”
“3-4% of parents are more willing to buy organic food and drinks than adults without children.”
“31% of consumers in Europe say organic and all-natural claims in baby food are important.”

Mintel – Foodnavigator, Sept 2017

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Organic consumers TODAY

Organic users’ lifestyle characteristics reveal a very active, community involved, highly influential and information seeking consumer group. Young consumers are the most likely to buy into and pay attention to claims like ‘organic’. Especially Millennials are seeking new experiences for a healthier lifestyle and cleaner living. This is driven by an enthusiasm among them to improve their eating habits. The increasing coverage of eating across media - including bloggers and mobile apps and Instagram - provides aspirational lifestyles to follow and is nurturing ‘me too’ dynamics amongst this younger population.

"47% of the 18-34 age-group changed their eating habits toward a healthier diet over the past year, as compared to just 23% of those aged over 55."
"53% of those aged between 18-34 expect to change their eating habits in the next year compared to 19% of those aged over 55."

PwC - Healthy eating is increasingly on consumers’
agenda, with Millennials leading the way - 2016

The future looks bright for ‘Organic’ TOMORROW

Today’s Millennial = Tomorrow’s ‘organic parent. Today only 25% of the Millennials are parents. In the next 10-15 years, 80% of Millennials will be moms and dads. What this means for the ‘organic’ market could be transformative. Over the next 10 years, we’ll see a surge of new ‘organic’ eaters and consumers - the Millennial parents of tomorrow and their children. Organic attributes already impacting them today will reach a tipping point in the future.

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