Sugar replacers

Who are the heroes that replace the sugars?

Want to find out more about the sugar replacers we use that make our chocolate good and tasty?
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In our article explaining 5 ways to reduce sugar in chocolate recipes, we talked about the sweeteners that replace the sugar. Thanks to these sugar replacing heroes, we can still indulge in great tasting chocolate without having to worry about sugars. But what exactly are they?

Wholesome sugar replacers

Bulk sweeteners

Maltitol and erythritol are polyols that we use as the bulk sweeteners of our recipes as they replace sugar one on one. Maltitol is an artificial sweetener that is low in calories but with 90% sweetness. The other bulk sweetener erythritol is of natural occurrence, is 70% as sweet as sucrose and has zero calories. It is the best-accepted sugar alcohol because it is very sugar-like and does not imply a rise in the blood sugar level. Polyols such as these can cause a laxative effect and should, therefore, be limited in use. If you don’t want a laxative effect, you need a limit of 10% polyols in your final recipe.

Dietary fiber blend

Dietary fibers can perfectly act as sugar replacers in chocolate. To ensure great tasting sugar reduced chocolates, our R&D department has selected the most suitable fibers. Barry Callebaut offers a unique fiber blend that has been patented for 20 years. The fiber blend contains among others inulin. This is a fiber of natural occurrence that is most present in the chicory root fiber. With such a high amount of fibers, chocolate recipes have a good digestive health and added benefits but they might cause a laxative effect. Fiber blends give consumers the healthy perception they are looking for but are less sweet.

Stevia to add that extra sweetness

To add some extra sweetness to the dietary fiber blend, you can count on the third polyol sweetener, steviol glycosides, also known as stevia. This sugar replacer of a natural source has zero calories and is sweeter than sucrose, providing a high level of sweetness. That’s why they are only used in a small quantity.

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