Wholesome baked products: 4 ways to make it possible

Discover 4 wholesome opportunities the bakery category can offer!








As seen in our article “Millennials and their wholesome choice”, Discerning Millennials with high buying power want every bite to be both tasty ánd healthy. In the case of chocolate and bakery products, that can be a challenge. Here are 4 high-yielding strategies how you can approach this.

1 - Focus on the goodness

Make your creations ‘sound better’. Focus on the goodness of the ingredients and their naturalness or add loved inclusions such as nuts, superfoods,

ancient grains. Far from the naughty halo of chocolate, cocoa (or cacao) nibs are considered as a superfood because less processed.

By substituting chocolate chunks with cocoa nibs, Prêt à Manger (UK) gave cookies a healthy, natural and trendy makeover while keeping the indulgent chocolate hit that consumers love.

Cocoa nibs and crystallized ginger cookie (Prêt à Manger, UK, 2016) Source: https://www.pret.com/en-uk

2 - Make functional claims

Explain how your products can help improving health or add functional nutrients and elements. Fibers and whole grains are proving popular in baked products, but natural energy boosters are gaining momentum.

Lambertz and Heavy 1, an energy drink brand, teamed up to create a filled biscuit with the distinctive taste of the Heavy 1 energy drink. Not only it contains guarana, a natural source of energy, but it’s also covered in white chocolate and popping candy for an explosive and energizing mouth experience!

Lambertz Heavy 1 Wake me up cookie - with natural guarana, popping candy & white chocolate.
Source: http://www.heavy1.de/buy-it.html

3 - Reduce the baddies: sugar, fat, calories

Pioneer in reformulating chocolate 15 years ago, Barry Callebaut has seen consumers’ “devil” shifting from fat to sugar, while consumers are actively trying to decrease their sugar consumption. According to a Datamonitor report on consumers’ perception of sugar (2015), consumers rank “no added sugar” as the most appealing sugar-reduced option. With this claim, triggering a feeling of authenticity and trust, consumers feel they are getting the “real thing”.

Millionaire bites by Ryan Stevenson, Barry Callebaut Ambassador

Combining our Without Added Sugar dark chocolate and praliné into a smooth gianduja, Ryan Stevenson, added spelt flakes for sustained energy, and topped it off with seeds & nuts.


Vegan/vegetarian products and allergen-free products are not niche anymore and now as tasty & funky as their “standard” counterparts.