Sneak peek into our Wholesome Choice Innovation Program

Pioneers in innovation, discover the work of our Wholesome Choice R&D program, developing delicious, nutritious and/or more permissible chocolate and cocoa products that everyone can enjoy in a responsible and sustainable way.








While government bodies are taking action against obesity, consumers’ attitude towards food is shifting towards healthier choices. Younger consumers are looking for tasty and healthy chocolate products for them to indulge every day; older consumers look for taste and functionality.

At the forefront of innovation, Barry Callebaut set up the Wholesome Choices global R&D program back in 2007 with a simple goal: develop delicious, nutritious or more permissible chocolate and cocoa products for everybody to enjoy.

Strong of a cooperation with suppliers, academic & research institutes, the team formulates the healthy chocolate and cocoa products of tomorrow combining ingredient and processing expertise, and new technologies.

Leen Allegaert, head of the Wholesome Choices innovation program

3 discovery areas

1 - Adding goodness

Chocolate is an excellent carrier for functional ingredients such as fibers, proteins, probiotics, … Adding functional foods to one’s diet has never been so tasty.

2 - Reformulation

Sugar and fat are high on government bodies’ agendas and in consumers’ minds. So they are for reformulation in chocolate.
Since 2007, Barry Callebaut has been working on chocolate reformulation and has a proven track record in sugar reduction with the Sweet toolbox. With products enabling sugar reduction up to 30%, it also includes no added sugar and sugar-free options. And the toolbox keeps on growing to anticipate the needs of tomorrow!

3 - Free-from

Free-from dairy, lactose, gluten, nuts… Free-from products are formulated to meet the needs of a growing number of consumers with food intolerances. The trend towards a clean and clear ingredient list also drives innovation, to remove potentially unwanted ingredients.

And because chocolate is a favorite ingredient in all sweet goods, wholesome solutions are being developed for all types of applications: from confectionery to ice cream or bakery.

An important part of the Forever Chocolate initiative, the Wholesome Choices program has many more innovations in the pipeline… Stay tuned!

Barry Callebaut can help you in building your health & wellbeing strategy with the right delicious products. Have a look at our articles to know more, or discover our range of Wholesome products.

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