Why go seasonal?

Bring excitement in consumers’ lives and in your category. Seasonal products are ideal for personalization, localization and premiumization.  Exactly what consumers want.







Consumers want excitement in their lives. They are always on the lookout to try new products and new experiences. And for those experiences, their expectations and demands are constantly increasing. How can you tickle consumers’ senses? How can you bring excitement in your product range? How can you bring excitement in your category? Launch seasonal products!

Seasonal & personal

Consumers want to be treated as an individual. They love to be seduced personally. They desire to feel as if products were created especially for them and them alone. Seasonal products are the perfect alibi for experimenting with colors, flavors, textures, decorations, fancy packaging, you name it. The sky ís the limit. All is permitted. They allow you to bring a variety of products to appeal to everybody. That way, every consumer can find his or her personal preference, his or her very own, personal product.

Seasonal & local

At the same time, consumers yearn for local products. Buying local products gives a feeling of belonging, a feeling of supporting the local economy. A disadvantage of using local products is their limited availability. This is exactly why seasonal products and local ingredients are a perfect match. As they come in limited editions and for a limited time.

Seasonal & premium

Seasonal products are by definition scarce since they are only available for a limited time. Being scarce triggers desire, the need to try them, the need to experience them. The price is of less importance for consumers. Additionally, since seasonal products are the perfect experimenting vehicle for flavors, colors, textures, decorations, again a higher price is justified and accepted. Seasonal products can thus bring higher value, both for yourself and for the consumer.

Increased seasonal launches

For many years, launches of seasonal products are increasing. The chart below from Innova shows the % of product launches with chocolate or cocoa in different categories (confectionery, bakery, desserts & ice cream) with a seasonal claim. Not surprisingly in confectionery, seasonal products are a big part of new product launches, yet still increasing.  But also in other categories we see a steady growth and in Desserts & Ice cream a jump in 2015.