Make chocolate mine!

You have the perfect product to appeal to your consumers’ personal wishes.  Chocolate can be personalized in a thousand ways. And there are so many different & delicious products. Barry Callebaut can help you create those products, thanks to our experienced chefs and vast product range. Let us inspire you!

Play with a Chocolate Rubiks cube?

Remember the Rubiks cubes from your childhood? This is a chocolate one. Of course, you can’t play with this one. But it’s a fun and unique example of the many things you can do with chocolate. And there are so many more…

Violet tablets

Look at these tablets. Don’t they make you long for spring? Our chef Martin Diez created these non-conventional tablets. They contain Blackcurrant ganache on a violet jelly. You can create different varieties with distinct flavors, tailored to the consumer’s preference. 

Personalizing round tablets

Tempt your consumers with green tablets with pistachio crunch.  Or Red raspberry ones.  Any flavor and color can work to express your individuality.  And these are not classical square tablets, the rounds look so much more appetizing and unique.

The classic: a chocolate valentine message

A classic indeed, but it never fails. Be unique with the classic. Be inventive with the message. Seduce your consumer. You can win their heart with this chocolate. And once you’re there… it’s hard to get away!

Ready for Easter? With chocolate lollipops!

Do you want to do something different for Easter? Create these chocolate lollipops!  Easter is a children's chocolate heaven. We all know the Easter chocolate bunnies. They come in all different styles. With these chocolate lollipops, you bring in Easter in a different way.