Me, myself & my mood

Consumers want a tailor-made world, fit to their needs and wishes: personalization to the max.
Food should not only fit your consumer’s personal taste preference, but also their personality and mood.

Make it unique

Every person is unique and consumers increasingly search for means to emphasize this. Like their couch, car, holiday and medical treatment, food sensations need to meet a consumer’s personality. A Brand’s offer needs to be made by and for me. ‘Make it mine’ will drive Brand and Product preference. Decorations and colors are ideal to seduce consumers craving for uniqueness.

Mood boosting cocktails

Next to personal preference in taste or colors, consumers are also looking for food that boosts their mood. A very nice example of this is exclusive Cocktail Bar Barts in London, which offers three ‘mind-altering’ cocktails, conceived by Barts’ award-winning bar manager Vincenzo Sibilia.


The Happiness cocktail blends Belvedere Vodka with cherry tomatoes (high in serotonin – a natural mood booster), strawberries (high in antioxidants), lemon, cherries, basil leaves and black pepper.  


Relax cocktail includes stress-busting chamomile (rich in magnesium, which can alleviate stress), soporific lavender and cardamom, blended with Zafferan Tanqueray and a twist of lemon.


Lastly, Focus cocktail offers stimulants such as caffeine and ginseng, infused with smoked wheat, coffee beans, hazelnut syrup and bitters.